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Christmas post

It's just days until Christmas 2014 and not a flake in the air. In fact yesterday it was 12c at 6am! It is however very windy, and wet. A typically normal British winter.

There isn't a great deal happening in the garden. I have yet to work on my winter interest.

Inside there are two temporary additions to my orchid collection. One of the ladies who works on my corridor had a dying specimen. I should really have taken a photo of the plant before I repotted it.  It appeared to have a baby growing halfway up on of the dead looking stems, with a withering leaf, but this new healthy leaf was forming.

I split the two plants and repotted each into fresh orchid compost.  Now we wait...

Among my own orchids, there are a lot of fresh buds forming.

I've repotted a couple

This white flowering orchid had another 6 new stems so it will be some time before it will be able to be repotted.

Whereas these pink ones will soon be over so will be repotted in the New Year.

This beauty is fattening up to flower.  I forget what colour it is.

And this one has gone over.  The next step will be a new leaf.

Since its Christmas, my indoor flowers have a festive theme.

All that remains is for me to curl up with a hot chocolate and a seed catalogue, and wish you all a very merry Christmas and may 2015 be your year!