The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.


Plant of the Month 2017 


Family: Rosaceae 

Common names: Rose 

Site: Sun, part shade.  Some even cope with shadier conditions.  Flowering summer-autumn. 


From carpet roses for ground cover, bush roses, climbers and ramblers, there's a rose for pretty much any space. 

Plant a clove of garlic with the rose to help ward off aphids. Rub them off buds.

Train climbers/ramblers laterally to encourage more blooms.

Deadhead regularly to promote more flowers.

Peel away outer petals of wet balled buds to assist opening.

Water and feed regularly as they're thirsty, hungry plants. 

Reduce stems in autumn but carry out formal pruning in March.

Special Anniversary 

Mum in a Million 

Gertrude Jeykll 

Tall Story 

Margaret Merrill 



And my 'Colly' rose.

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