The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.


Princess Kate (Yen arch) 2016. July-frosts

Shikoo (back of Yen Garden) 2016 May-

Royal Velours (Folly arch) 2015. July-August:

?avalanche (pink garden) 2015. May

Alpina Constance deep pink. Pink Garden 2017. Group 1 

? Wisley Cream. Behind pond 2015. July:

Armandii apple blossom (left side) replanted 2016. March-April

Warsaw Nike (front garden, right) 2016 June-August:

Niobe (front garden, left) planted 2016 died back in 2016. Died back in bud 2017.

Montana rubens (right, far left) 2015 May-June

Nelly Moser * (blue jar) June

?Star of India * (patio arch) August -

Comtesse de bouchard * (middle, right hand side) June-August:

A larger, darker pink to the one above, just left of Bouchard. August - October 

A rich deep purple. (middle, right hand side). May-July:

Alpina blue dancer *(right, right hand side) March-May:

*Not all the clematis have been planted by us, so I can't be 100% on the named varieties of those planted by the previous owners.

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