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Bumblebee fancied having a chicken he can call his own. He decided that she would be white, and he'd call her Grace. I'm not sure where the name came from, but it fits in very well with our other ladies, Gladys, Lola and Aretha. It took him around five mintues to decide that his 'Grace' was to be a little White Rock, after a brief inspection of a White Star which he decided would be too big to play with our other girls.
Incidentally, our other girls are two buff Plymouth Rocks and a buff Wyandotte (Aretha):

We're very lucky to live within a pleasant drive's distance from an excellent poultry farm. The fellows who run it are very friendly, patient, and extremely helpful, especially when trying to match suitability of breed, which is great as Bumblebee does like to be very hands-on. Their farm shop is well stocked with all things avian and poultry, at a fraction of the cost of pet shops around the city. The only drawback is the long rough track to reach it from the road. Our poor car (aka Molly) gets quite a workout!

So let me introduce you to Grace

She's extremely shy and quiet, but that's to be expected. The other ladies aren't too keen on this interloper, so for the time being Grace is being kept in the run away from them. A little house has been made for her within the run with lovely warm cut straw for bedding. Unfortunately, she has taken to roosting on the top of it instead if inside it! It's cold tonight, so The Man That Can has just brought her into the porch in a large box. We'll try again tomorrow.

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  1. Oh she is pretty, hopefully she will settle in soon.