The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

When does Summer end, and Autumn begin?

Athough we're more than half way through, this year has thus far been a year to remember. Beginning with record testing temperatures and snowfall levels, everything in the garden was a bit slow on the uptake. The latest strange oddity of this year is C. Rhapsody re-flowering. The flowers do seem to be a little smaller, but there are just so many buds waiting to burst open.

In contrast to this Spring-flowering beauty, the dahlias I grew from seed earlier in the year are blooming. They are somewhat smaller than I had invisaged, but there are some lovely colours and forms.

I particularly like this one. I shall see if I can overwinter it.

I thought I'd add this photo, purely because the bedding is flowering so well in these window boxes, that I should imagine it will exhaust itself before very long. I have yet to decide what to replace them with, and in the meantime, I will continue to cut them back to prevent them getting too leggy, keep feeding them and hope they will last until the Autumn, when given the weather we've had this year is anyone's guess as to when it will start!

More Fuschia's are in flower, and deserve a quick mention. This one is from Grandad, and I was surprised it made it through the winter. It is a little late to flower this year though.

Another hardy fuschia, this time with tiny pure white flowers.

And just because I love their purity, yet more lillies.

I've been cutting these lillies, and the pink ones along with scented sweetpeas, and my home is filled with a lovely fragrance to beat anything that plugs in!

I just cannot get enough!

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