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More Snow!

The snow didn't ease throughout yesterday and overnight, and this morning, we were snowed in.

Scenes from the bedroom, the only blip in the snow being The Man That Can's footprints to the hen house, soon filled in as the weather closes in again.

I knew we'd have a problem with snow and our new gates.

The snow reaches the top of my wellies. Watch that last's a little deeper than you might have imagined. Thankfully the car broke my fall!

18+ inches! that's another 15 inches in 24 hours!!

I can't safely reach this part of the garden, but I guestimate that that snowdrift is about 4 feet in depth.

My poor hanging baskets before sweeping off the snow

Icicles hanging from the nest box, snuggled under a foot or so of the white stuff.

And still it snows. thick and fast. The thermometer is telling me it's       -10c. Records tell me this is the earliest snowfall for 17 years. I wonder if this winter will go down on records for anything else. Coldest since... Longest since... Deepest... you get the picture.

If ever I yearned for the winters of my childhood, I think this will have at least matched it already, and it's only 1st December!

Stay warm. Stay Safe x

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