The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

Early July

It's not been a very sunny July so far, but it has been warm and wet.  The lawn is loving it, although The Man That Can can barely keep up with the mowing - you can almost see the grass growing!

The garden has taken a bit of a back seat while we concentrate on inside the house.  Life goes on though, as you will see.  This bold red poppy is one of a number that the Bumblebee scattered around the garden back in the spring.

Gloriously scented rosa Jacques Cartier.  Our two rose bushes have really thrived in this mostly shaded part of the front garden.  They barely have any direct sunshine during the colder months.  In the summer, the sun reaches them between 3 and 8 pm.  The sheltered spot obviously suits them and both have had more blooms this year than all the years we've had them put together.

The blue flowers of  Hydrangea seem a wee bit small this year, but they are plentiful.

I've gone for a yellow/white theme in the baskets either side of the front door this year, with lemon/white Petunias, white Pelargoniums and bright yellow Bidens to cascade over the sides.

Unfortunately, I haven't had very much success with bedding fuschias this year.  Has anyone else noticed a problem?  They're very stunted, and the flowers are reluctant to open fully.  It's having quite an effect of my various baskets around the back and side of the house.  The hardy fuschias seem ok so far though, thankfully, although I did lose one to the winter.

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