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Problem Areas

Everyone has problem areas in their garden.  The bottom of ours is just one of ours.  The high winds in the New Year damaged our makeshift fencing.

The problem wasn't really highlighted until we removed the huge tree last summer.  All the light-and-nutrient-starved conifers behind the tree were naked.  Well, dead really.

We borrowed the idea from a very good friend of ours with a stunning garden.  For now, all we're telling is the fact that we have attached simple chicken wire fencing to the dead tree trunks with u-clips.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few shots of our garden in January - yes, JANUARY!


The exotic-looking passiflora has reappeared after a year out.

The smell from this little beauty is a real treat in my garden at a time when most of my patch looks more like the one below.  Bereft of all but weeds!

The bed below is going to be extended this year.  Now that it is no longer going to be struggling in the shade of an evergreen, I'm planning on a large shrub.  Not decided which shrub yet though.

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  1. I just realised whos garden you were talking about lol It will look lovely.