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Is It Spring Yet?

The first weekend of April has been one of change.  Not only have we finally seen signs of spring (after what seems the longest winter in my life), but the Rambling Rose and family are on the move.  I would imagine there is not a single gardener who does not try to take at least couple of their favourite plants with them from old garden to new.

We dug up and divided the specimens chosen in order that we could pot up what we want to take, but still ensure a good display for the young couple who have bought our garden (and house of course).  We have taken the opportunity to also replan parts of this bed in the front garden to ensure it fills out more evenly with little attention from the new owners until they put their own stamp on things.

Angel keeps watch over the potted up plants (and yes that is a lump of snow; all that remains from yesterday and today's much needed thaw).

The garden is also given a general tidy up, here the ferns

The new bed at the bottom of the garden now cleared of the debris of annuals. I am so pleased to see the tulips have turned up this year.  Not as many as was planted, but some are better than none. 

Time to empty the water butts for cleaning, using most of the water around the garden.

Nothing says spring so much asthe cheery yellow narcissi...

 The last blooms of snowdrops (these came into flower just as the snow fell, so we missed most of them!)

Fat buds of peony.  These won't be moved with us, but since their parents come from the oulaws' garden, they're easily replaced later in the year.

I think these will flower before we go...

...and I'm really hoping the delay in spring won't set this stunning clematis back too far.  I haven't cut it back so this year should be a cracking display!  I shall miss it.

Another plant staying is this honeysuckle.  It'll really perform this year, but it doesn't have quite the scent I was longing for, so I'm not going to be too heartbroken.

Plants in pots are always transferrable.  This pot has been brought round to be enjoyed on the front steps.  Beneath the violas lay a treasure trove of spring and summer bulbs that Bumble Bee and I planted last autumn.

 Grape hyacinth under way.  I have potted up a clump of these to be moved, but this little chap will stay to be part of the sea of blue along the drive.

More hyacinths, but these are the highly scented ones in a large container at the top of the back steps.  Again underplanted with more spring and summer bulbs

Hellebore.  A gift from a very dear friend.  I couldn't leave them behind so I hope they will be happy in a pot for a wee while.

Another pot of bulbs below a sea of violas.

The only clematis coming with us, and ony because it is growing in a pot.  It has a deep red flower, but has never really had a proper go at putting on a display.   

One red, one blue.  I cannot for the life of me remember which hydrangea is which, but they are definitely coming with us.

Now to the biggest wrench.  The greenhouse.  It just will not be feasible to be moved to our new garden, so today a chap who is teaching his young family where vegetables come from on their new allotment came to give it a new home.
It didn't take very long for it to come down with the help of his mate.

 And then it was gone.
Looks a little bare down there now.

The chap has also taken our last hen, Hedwig.  She will be happier on an allotment eating her way through someone's vegetables.  She has also begun to lay again.
So there we are.  The end of an era.  Onto pastures new. 
Watch this space...

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