The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

Marching on

 Now the raised bed is weed free, Bumblebee's next task is to sow his seeds.  He's learned how to make a seed drill to make weeding easier (weeds do not generally grow in straight lines you see), and to tip a few seeds into his hand before taking a pinch

Sowing into each drill, marked with a waterproof label

And using the back of the hoe to cover his seeds

Everything gets a good watering, including the plants in the new birch bed.

Bumblebee's raised bed contains herbs, rocket, radish, garlic and pak choi.  He has also used calendula for companion planting and for some height and scent some sweet peas.  He just has to find a piece of rhubarb to plant and his bed is complete.  Any offers?

 We discovered late last year that this plant is a spiraea.  There was an off shoot which accidentally came loose from the parent plant so was planted up in the side bed.  Mother plant is just beginning to flower.

A couple of aubretia have been squished into the dry wall at the bottom of the garden, but I'm not sure if they are going to be able to take hold properly as the compost is being washed away.

The white peony bought last year has finally shown up - I couldn't remember where  had planted this! 

 Photinia and pieris making a good screen in the front garden.

Both have responded very well to their trim

New addition.  We had a similar but light pink version in our last garden. It will soon make a large cushion and it is so easy to propagate - just pull a bit up and pop in in a new spot, simples!

 Aricula and primroses behind fresh growth on the 'blue' hydrangea.

 A favourite stalwart, hardy geranium.


 Fading blooms of hellebores as tulips prepare to take centre stage.

Bergenia and my favourite spring flowers, daffodils.  I have a lot of different varieties as my lovely mother-in-law bought us a big bag of mixed daffodil bulbs.  I don't know any of the names I'm afraid....yet

 The reprieved holly before a trim to make it bushier.

 Sambuccua nigra is filling out nicely now.

Delicious Daphne

One tub, crammed to the brim with spring bulbs.  Delightfully scented wafts of hyacinths right by the door to enjoy.

Fern basket beginning to come back to life. 

 More daffodils in the back garden.  Miniatures this time.

Looks like this inherited azalea is going to be pink - I'll let it flower before deciding if it can stay or not.


I'm not convinced about this fuschia.  I didn't get around to tidying this one up.

Another fading hellebore.

A clematis.  I think it's an alpina variety.

In the hot bed, this sedum is already making its presence known...

 Along with eryngium

Hardy geranium 

Day lilies (and young foxgloves)

 and what will hopefully be a huge clump of stipa through which other grasses and flowers with grass like leaves will fill out this full-sun bed.

 The Man That Can has cemented in a layer of Scottish pebbles around the edge of the patio as this is an area that is constantly being swept and washed down.

He's also cleaned out and replaced the cement between the flagstones.

Rowan coming into bud.

 The newly created birch bed is a bit thin on plants at the moment, but a bit of cheap spring colour will do for now.

This is a clinging hydrangea (or at least it will cling when it gets going).  It'll have white flowers for my pink and white bottom garden.

When I say pink and white, this will actually be yellow hahaha.  It's one of two winter jasmines along the shadier side. 

The rose that will hopefully pull the design together.  This is one of 3 r. New Dawn planted along the back fence to be trained along stout wire to make a low scented mass of pale pink loveliness.

And the perfect place to enjoy the scented roses with a nice cuppa after work.


The 'working' area has been moved to the other side of Bumblebee's veg patch so it is hidden from view from the main garden.  The smaller compost bin is well on the way to being filled up already.  The bags are filled with leaves creating leaf mould.  All nature's waste becoming nature's nutrition.

The apple tree is budding up.  I think this year being the first year of caring for a fruit tree from start to finish will be harder than I imagine it to be, so if we don't get any produce this year, please forgive me. 

r. Tall Story.  It's had a good prune and has responded well.

And on that note, Rocky and I bid you a happy spring.

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