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May Day

Spring handily has a number of Bank Holidays for us to enjoy (weather permitting of course).  This year as Easter was later, we have 3 long weekends in quick succession.  Read 3 long weekends to spend gardening!!

We lifted a couple of dicentras from our previous garden.  They look like big pink exclamation marks at the moment because the beds are a little, shall we say, sparse.  I have a cunning plan though as tomorrow we are going to a plant sale at our local Botanical Gardens...They have such great plants and such great prices!

 The large pot of spring bulbs has been replaced by this tub of lilies.  They have a while to go until they bloom, but the tatty leaves of the spring bulbs need to die down naturally, but not necessarily in sight.

Oh yes and in the last couple of weeks we have had a visitor to the garden.  It is digging in from next door, and coming along under our deck. We did try to stop the creature by putting large rocks over the hole, but the creature removed them, so it's a strong one! This large hole has been edged with bricks to try and stop the soil falling down it until I can get some more plants to knit the soil together a bit more.  

 And at the bottom of the garden a corresponding hole has been appearing.  Since this shot was taken it has increased in size and we have edged it with bricks too.  We have put a layer of sand down to try and catch some prints, but none were very clear.  So we put up some double sided tape to catch some hairs.  They were mostly black and white so we figure it is a badger.  It has also been disturbing the plants a bit these last few days, which is a bit annoying.  

On a brighter note, this beautiful acer is one of two that overhang our deck from our neighbours.  It's such a beautiful colour.

And finally the ash is in flower and awash with the hum of bees.

 I am very excited about the plant sale.  I do hope to get lots of lovelies so watch these back garden spaces! 

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