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Home again, home again

Jiggedy jig 

So first thing on returning home from our holiday, and all 3 of us are in the garden. I had asked for my baskets to be watered daily. As you can see, something didn't quite go according to plan and most of the plants are either dead or dying. I really hope some tlc over the next couple of days will save some of them.

Bumblebee's plot is mostly full of flowers now that are also pretty much past their best. We'll have a bit of a tidy up and see what if anything will flower again.

While  away, I worried that these fuchsia cuttings I had taken recently would loose too much water and would die. I needn't have worried, they all have roots on them!

I took some clematis cuttings whilst tidying our friends garden in the Netherlands. I hope at least one takes, it's a spectacular plant. 

A wander around the front garden checking on everything. 

This daphne below doesn't seem very happy.  It might be because since the tree outside our garden was removed, it has been less shaded than it would prefer. I think I'll move it in the autumn. 

I couldn't see it at first, but I could smell this single rose. 

All the hardy geraniums have leafed back up after their haircut last month. They'll give me another flush of flowers in a couple more weeks. 

The tree has 'flowered' again. It's most unusual, but pretty. 

The photinia has surpassed my expectations. We cut this back very hard last month to rejuvenate it, and it certainly paid off. The new foliage is wonderful!

And the holly is looking great. I shall use this in my Christmas decorations. 

The acer too has surprised me. It'll need a bit of a reshape, but it looks so pretty. 

Have I mentioned one of my favourite plants are hydrangeas? 

With the three in the front garden, we also have another two in the birch bed. The one in the bottom photo will be moved this autumn because it's not very happy in its current spot. Gardening is all about trial and error and finding what works best where. 

And so to the back garden. 

The arch is smothered in two honeysuckles and two clematis. Scent and beauty. 

The pink and white border, aka the birch bed:

Another forgotten basket. This one is in the open though so had some rain. 

Penstemon in grasses


Intertwined with clematis



Fuchsia. I need a support for this one to appreciate the flowers better. 

And of course the pond. 

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  1. Everything (well almost everything) looks wonderful. You really have green fingers, and fancy getting so many fuchsia cuttings to take lol hope your clematis from The Netherlands takes as well as they have.