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Operation Folly

Having a large expanse of conifer hedging at the bottom of the garden lends an ideal backdrop for a focal point. We tried the option of a plant or ornament. It was to be viewed from the kitchen window and because of the drop it would need to be quite large. A decent sized ornament would be costly and a plant would not necessarily provide year-round interest. We had discussed the idea of trompe l'oeil in other people's gardens so naturally the idea crossed our mind. 

The actual design came to me in the rush hour traffic on my commute home and I scribbled a quick sketch down when I reached home to run it by The Man That Can.

A few weeks later and work began. I was out of action so The Man That Can, did.

This weekend he was joined by our very good friend (The Chap That Does) to complete Operation Folly. 

And here it is in all its glory. Trying to explain it to others was quite difficult. It sounded very daft. I suppose it is quite eccentric, but the idea essentially is that it is a door to a further, secret garden. Eventually plants will surround it to help hide it a little and help with the illusion.

Our neighbour finally got round to fixing the last fence panel.  We will now be able to move the clematis into its permanent home to scramble over the shed roof and into the hedge. 

The violas have really filled out now and completely smothered the white frilly cyclamen!  I'll replant them. 

This teeny tiny flower is in Bumblebee's veg plot. The leaves aren't indicative, but the flower appears to be a minute viola!

The hypericum seemed to respond well to the partial hard prune so I completed the task.  I didn't compost the waste as it would spread the rust. 

Beside the pond, the ferns have found their feet. The black fern is looking fabulous.

We didn't get around to deconstructing the mangers on the top shed. Whilst the effect in itself is a messy affair, it has helped me to decide to keep the fuchsias.  I shall pot them up once I'm back to full fitness.

It was the last plant sale of the year at the botanical gardens today, but it's often a tight squeeze and rather than running the risk of being jostled about whilst still feeling a bit delicate, we took a run out to the garden centre.  A couple of trays of violas, a bag of white daffodil bulbs, two late flowering clematis (for the arch over the Folly) and 2 skimmias, along with some hessian sacks in preparation of the impending leaf collection for leaf mould as the blackbirds insist on tearing the plastic sacks I usually use. 

Now all I need is the time to get planting, pot up the fuchsias, empty and refill the compost bins, move the clematis, move the hydrangea, trim back the ivy, water everything...I wonder if I can extend my sick note...

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