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May revisited

A busy weekend.  The compost bins needed emptying of all the lovely crumbly sweet compost that has been created over the last year.

We took the opportunity to move the bins to the opposite corner of the work area which is hidden from the top garden due to the level change.

Two little Robins also took the opportunity of having a good furkle through the compost for bugs and worms for their chicks.

Work was constantly stop-start as we tried to get some good shots of the Robins, but eventually they didn't care about us moving about and weren't a bit afraid of us!

The job complete and the smallest bin cleaned to pass to one of The Man That Can's cousin who has just moved to her first property with a garden.

The side of the bottom shed was relieved of all the old bits of fence for the brazier and the bricks tidied up ready for the next planned flower bed edge.  We disturbed a couple a buff tailed Bumblebees living under the shed...Something Angel is fascinated by.

Additional vine eyes and wire for the r. New Dawn and the new growth tied in laterally to encourage more flowering shoots.  The same goes for clematis - an ad hoc purchase with lovely white blooms to really lift the corner.  It's in flower now but because it was trussed up to the nines, its potential is lost for this year.

Bumblebee's plot is already showing great potential; the flowers above of strawberries and calendula below overwintered well.

Two small fuchsias that have overwintered successfully up a quiet corner have finally shown signs of life.  They have a spot ready in the front garden when the new fence is erected.

Along with lily of the valley,

A dark leafed hebe,

A scented yellow rose 'Maigold'...

... and a whole host of new lovelies from the Botanical Gardens. 

I love gardening!

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