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Autumn in the air

Of course it is the change of season...we all have a cold. So far autumn has been cool nights, foggy mornings, dry afternoons, with some very welcome warm sunshine.

There's a change just around the corner however with wet and windy weather in the forecast. Typically British. Just as the leaves turn up the heat, they'll not be able to show off for very long.

In preparation for the cooler weather, it was time for a visit to the garden centre for my autumn-spring display.

Spring bulbs nestled below white cyclamen, yellow violas and dark red heuchera either side of the bench on the deck.

The theme continues with the trough and window boxes.

The fuchsia was moved to the opposite corner (above) opening up planting opportunities. A pot of ericaceous compost is a temporary home for the two skimmias that aren't looking very happy. I've moved them to a more sheltered spot to see if they perk up.

In their place either side of the gate, I've removed all the lily bulbs (I've given up fighting lily beetles) and replaced the compost, a couple of verbena with some wallflowers for spring, topped off with white pansies.

The last of the Japanese Anemones cling a day or two they will have been claimed by the incoming winds.  The hydrangea below is made of sterner stuff. The heads are fading, but will stay put until I trim them in the spring.

We were given a huge rhododendron by our neighbours as it had outgrown their garden. It appears a little unwell so I've potted it up in ericaceous compost and watering it with water from the butt, I'm hoping it will make it through the winter. We'll see.

Oh...and our visitor is back. It's dug a hole beside the one we blocked off in the bottom bed...

...and started work on a new hole to get into the neighbour's garden, breaking some of the sedum stems.

We've decided that since its not trying to get under the deck this time, we'll allow its passage, so we've moved some of the more delicate specimens to the neighbouring beds.

Now all the birds have finished nesting we can trim the high hedging at the bottom of the garden. It's a job for the professionals.

Happy gardening!

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  1. Just had a lovely catch up on your blog. Your garden is beautiful, you work hard at getting in right and I love what you do. Can you come tell me what to do with ours.