The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

A little teaser

Back in the summer I was sitting in the newly created Yen Garden watching a bird drink from the pond-in-a-pot, being driven insane by the aphids dropping from a neighbour's lime tree (who refused our offer of paying for it to be tidied up).  A tiny idea began to form in my noggin.

I initially played with some ideas from the net and put pen to paper (any of my readers who has had a look at my Musings and Scribbles page may have seen this over the last few months).  TMTC created a 3D model from paper.  At the end of last year a CAD was commissioned and the materials sourced and purchased. 

I can now update this process as the hard graft has commenced. 

Lengths being cut to size.

Part of my design from which the creation surrounds.   This is 90cm in diameter. 

Watch this space....

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