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Hues of Autumn

Another few days of high winds has played havoc with my timing.  Some plants that produce a spectacular autumn display, like cotinus (smoke bush) have very few leaves left, while others have yet to start losing their chlorophyll to enable their colourful finale.  




While The leaves of cornus provide some lovely autumn hues, it's the firey stems that I'm after.

I'm really hoping this acer bounces back in the spring.  It's a great shape but we had a problem with scorching on this particular specimen and it's leaves frazzled up before having the chance to share its display. 

In the pink garden, late splashes of colour pop among the fading foliage forms.

On the patio, the sedum is taking on a richer, deeper shade of pink. 

The variegated Weigela has developed a sprinkling of late flowers. 

Ivy, verbena Bonariensis and grass combo.

Our neighbour's acers are only just beginning to colour up...

...Weigela Wings of Fire however is really showing off.

The hydrangeas fading to papery bracts that will remain in situ over winter to help protect the plants.

There are very few leaves remaining on the new tree in the Long Border and in the early morning light it was tricky to get a good shot of the colours.

The Photinia has reached the top of the cane now so come spring I will start to create the desired shape. 

In the front garden, the staghorn tree is spectacular.  The winds have depleted the foliage somewhat, but there's still enough to create a wow factor. 

Next up, the autumn tidy up reaches the front garden. 

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