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Final report - Spring Project

After saving, planning, saving some more and 15 days of hard labour by the builders I am pleased to announce that our new patio is completed.

Today was cleaning day for Gavin and Dave. First sweeping up any debris, then using a blower to get rid of all the dust from the windows and plants, before a good wash down and sweep.

The planters either side of the new seat have been filled with drainage and topsoil in preparation for our own plants (I'm certain that won't take long).

An inspection by the dogglies for approval. The jury seems to be out at the moment - I guess it smells very different to them. For the rest of the family - we love it!

Once The Man That Can returned from his day-job, he moved our flowering containers into place and installed the new clock/thermometer/barometer.

And before I end today's entry, the illuminated views!

Now the garden is once again ours, just in time for the Easter Bank Holiday.


  1. Oh wow it's absolutely wonderful. Can't wait to sit on the seat with you and a cuppa. Lovely to see you have already added some pots, they look lovely. Oooooo and the pretty lights too, fandabbydozy. ♥️♥️♥️