The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

Bank Holiday weekend!

The last long weekend before Christmas. While others are clogging up the country's motorway system, TMTC and I are planning for spring 2017.

The first of the bulbs are going in.  This was a mixed bag of dwarf narcissus. 

The box hedging in the back was given a tidy up, and a handful of the miniature daffodils were planted here too.

The rain had stopped and since the plants are going over now, I decided that the great division should occur this morning while the ground is damp and warm to give the split plants a head start on developing a good root system before the frosts.

First the grass was dug up and split, along with the huge clump of orange crocosmias. 

Half the grass and about a quarter of the crocosmias was replanted in the same place, behind r. Tall Story. 

The other half of the grass along with a quarter of the crocosmias was planted to mirror-flip with r. Margaret Merrill in front of the window. 

The remaining half of the orange crocosmias have been put out on the public footpath for any passers-by that might like a few freebies. 

Next were the hardy geraniums. We have a deep magenta and a blue-purple variety that have moved with us from previous gardens.  Firstly we lifted this blue-purple one, split and replanted.

The other half was planted by the rose at the other end.

The red crocosmias were also lifted from in front of r. Maigold and split. Half went beside the black sambuccus and the other half were planted in mirror-flip beside Pittosporum tenufolium Tom Thumb. 

The remaining two hardy geraniums were lifted and split into sections.

A magenta and a blue-purple were planted beside each other in opposition. 

The other clumps have been planted in gaps in the back garden. 

And there we have it. Not that it's evident just yet since everything has finished flowering, but with the exception of a hebe to be sought to reflect h. Rhubarb and Custard and a few more spring bulbs, my mirror-flipped bed is complete. 

Not bad for two hours on a Sunday morning. 

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