The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

Maintenance in the back garden.

After a fabulous week at the seaside, we've returned to further glorious sunshine. We're not the only ones to enjoy the summer, the garden is looking a real treat for the senses.

Of course while ever the desirable plants are thriving, so too are less desirable weeds. Thankfully not many since we gave the garden a good firkle before we left.

There was a fair bit of deadheading to do in the borders such as astrantias and roses.

Two unruly penstemons had outstayed their welcome. One I managed to remove but the other will be removed by TMTC later in the week.

The cape fuchsia had also outgrown it's space. This appears to have an unwanted habit of sending out runners beneath the soil in its attempt to rule the garden.

The critter has decided to create a new exit point in the Yen Garden! I've cut back a rose that was encroaching from next door, and temporarily put the thorny stems in the hole to discourage it!

Having cleared the ground in this corner, I've trimmed back the ivy that also grows over the fence from our neighbour. 

A quick tidy up and tying in of the climbers in the pink garden, along with cutting back some old foliage. 

Come the autumn,  we have decided to trim back the overhanging acer from next door...

And completely remove the sorbus.  The local council have recently planted a number of these trees in our road, so the wildlife won't suffer. The area around our tree is unusable during the spring due to the sticky droplets (presumably from aphids) and the flowers play havoc with my sensitivities. From August onwards, we are constantly having to sweep up fallen berries before the dogs eat them! The autumn colour will be missed though.

Having a garden isn't just about working in it to maintain its good looks, time spent just sitting in the sunshine casting an eye over the beauty I've helped nature create is one of the best parts of being a gardener...until a weed is spotted to pull, a spent flower to deadhead or a stem that requires tying in.

I love every moment.

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