The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.


Once most herbaceous perennials have been growing well for 3 years, I tend to split them to make new plants for free.  Other freebies can crop up in the most unlikely places.

TMTC came home from work with news that a neighbour had put this lovely hydrangea in the skip (they're renovating their house and garden).  It will need a good prune to rejuvenate it in the spring, but for now good soil and removal of a couple of broken stems was all it required. We removed a large fuchsia to accommodate the new hydrangea.

Since this area was being disturbed, we split the crocosmia Lucifer and replanted half the clump on the other side of the gate. 

Everything has had a really good watering this evening as temperatures are set to soar over the next few days.   Summer has a little more to give it seems.