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Hardy Plants Sale

There was a plant sale at the Botanical Gardens this morning. 

Bumblebee kindly took most of the pictures above, before choosing a new plant for himself - a cactus.

Among our new acquisitions are a couple of pink hardy geraniums, grasses and ferns.

Back home, TMTC is busy planting in the pink garden while I thin out some plants in the container pond in the Yen Garden.

We've added to our Japanese anemone collection with a lovely deeper pink variety. There are quite a few buds but this fading bloom was the only one available today.

We've also added a taller persicaria and a number of pink hardy geraniums of various shades. 

The bedding is looking tired now. 

But the hydrangeas are looking fabulous! 

The pond has had a bit of a tidy up

But only a scant clean as the frog is still in residence.  Can you spot him?

And finally, the tree stump was taken down

And now the bees can be left in peace to pick over the sedum as it comes into full bloom. 

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  1. It took me a while to spot the frog, he is quite well hidden lol
    You got loads from the plant sale you lucky lady xxx