The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.


I'm not sure that spring is around the corner just yet, but it is said that snowdrops are harbingers of that season.  Since February tends to bring bitterly cold temperatures and snow usually, I think they are named appropriately and should not therefore be a sign of spring.  That said, they do warm my heart.

Around the garden other bulbs are thrusting their way through the soil. 

The pond is so clear that the brick upon which the pump sits is visible. 

The terrace has become a little green in places over the winter due to lower light levels so a stiff brush and a bucket of very diluted bleach has made short work of the algae. 

It has been mild for part of the week, I even caught a glimpse of a bee on this viburnum on Saturday morning.  Today, Sunday however was damp and dreary once more with little sign of life from insects on the wing.  

There has been much chatter from the sparrows as they arrive back to fight over premium nesting sites in the conifer hedge.  The tawny owl has been heard around 10.30pm for the last couple of weeks and this morning at about 6.30am. (we usually miss him arriving home due to getting up earlier for work).  The robin is fiercely marking his territory, and I think I may have spotted a chiff chaff....but it may have been the wren. I need to gen up a bit more.  Last weekend we took part in the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch and saw almost nothing in comparison to this weekend. Murphy's Law. 

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