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Rose on a Ramble


The Man That Can, Bumblebee and I have just returned from a trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia.  An average of 5-10c in the UK,  February in this beautiful country experiences temperatures around 35-37c!

The main draw were the temples of course, but I had to share some of the photos of the hotel gardens as they were so lush and exotic - some good ideas to borrow too!

I like the shadows of the palm type trees on the canopy, something we can recreate in our Yen Garden. 

The base of the palm trees have been dressed with ground cover. 

A group of three can fit into a small area, making the canopy denser.

Water features quite significantly here, with great bowls of waterlilies and other, bold statement foliage plants highlighting steps. Another possibility in the bottom garden at home.

Orchids lend a punch of colour around the mainly green foliage.  Here they are fastened to the trunks of the palm trees.  A recent revelation suggested my own orchids can spend the summer in our garden, after watching an episode of Big Dreams Small Spaces on the BBC with Monty Don.  A gardener from the Philippines I seem to recall had done something very similar. Happy days!

I have a bit of research to do to discover what plants I can safely plant in Yorkshire, and what substitutions are acceptable to borrow these planting designs.  I really like this topiary. It seems to use something similar to Pittosporum. 

Clearly a hart's tongue fern can be used to copy this idea in a shady spot, topped with pebbles. 

And this idea of using pebbles is easily achievable. 

I have some reading to do.

If you ever get the chance, give Cambodia a thought when planning a trip to south East Asia.  You will not be disappointed. 

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