The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

Garden Visitors

We don't often have little people in the garden now our youngest is almost 14 and so we aren't really geared up for their play. However a couple of washing up bowls of water and the odd well aimed squirt of the hose soon transform the patio on a hot day.

Sensibly, Angel remains inside.

Elsewhere, summer has arrived. 


The Clematis beside the stag horn is blooming, but again the one beside the Photinia seems to be failing as the flower buds swell.  

The Stag Horn tree has really exceeded our expectations after its reduction. 

r. Margaret Merrill 

r. Tall Story 

There is still so much in the garden yet to begin their display.  Each day reveals a new flower.  That's the beauty of gardening. 

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