The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

Sights, sounds and scents

The fledgling sparrows are lining up on the fence to learn how to use the bird feeders, twittering and fluttering to their parents who are desperately trying to attend to each hungry mouth.  The blackbird and robin lend their beautiful tunes to the darkness, bidding goodnight. 

In the front garden, the rhododendron is beginning its display revealing a pattern I'd not spotted previously on the upper petals.  Last year's prune has paid off with plenty of flowers.

And for knockout scent, the roses are stunning!

r. Tall Story above.

r. Margaret Merrill below. 

The warm sunshine is bringing on the flowers all over the garden very nicely.  All being well, they will be a great welcome to our Dutch friends later this week.

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