The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

Summer Solstice

June 21st 2017. The hottest Summer Solstice on record, officially reaching a scorching 33c (although it was hotter in our suntrap).

Naturally, a British heatwave ends in a bang as storms roll in.

A few of the hardy geraniums have been cut back.  These will soon sprout fresh foliage and a further flush of flowers will follow.  It'll also afford the angel's fishing rods some sunshine.

I've also removed the honeysuckle from the right hand side of the patio arch.  TMTC will then be able to dig up the plant to make room for r. Gertrude Jeykll which will scramble up the arch.

The c. Alpina blue dancer has been cut back hard. The fence needs a bit of a spruce up before it starts growing again.

The hardy geranium and Irises around the pond have been cut back too.  I've allowed the iris foliage to remain as these are required to feed the tubers for next year's flowers. 

Behind the new seat the new display has really filled out.  There's hardly any bare soil to be seen, which means fewer weeds. 

The matching bed on the other side of the patio arch has also filled out nicely.

The terrace border has mostly foliage at present, but sea holly, day lilies, Irises and hardy geraniums are going to come into bloom over the summer.  I've also scattered seeds of cosmos, veronica and poppies here for late colour, along with some foxglove seeds for next year.

In the front garden, scent fills the air.  The roses are amazing, with r. Maigold still blooming and r. Tall Story wowing passers-by with its knock out perfume.  Not to be outdone, r. Margaret Merrill is providing a good focus from within the house, although not quite as floriferous.

We're aghast at how well the stag horn tree has responded to its prune. The canopy is so much denser and will look amazing in the autumn when the leaves change colour. 

Butterflies and bees are delighted by the hebes coming into flower. 

Thank goodness after tonight cooler conditions return.  The average Brit isn't used to such hot weather!  I wonder if air conditioning will become the norm in homes as they are on the continent. 

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