The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

August endings

As the summer holidays draw to a close  the heat builds once more in South Yorkshire. 

Flower buds are forming on some of the winter shrubs already.  However, the summer bedding isn't finished yet.

Three of the compost bins were emptied, riddled and spread over the borders. The remaining not-quite-composted material was returned to one of the bins in preparation of the autumn clearance, when the bedding plants and other matter will be added to help create new garden compost for next year.

Our neighbour decided to creosote their side of the fence this week, which prompted an early prune of all our clematis before the fumes and splashes damaged them.  Our side has had a stiff brush in preparation for painting (we don't use anything quite so toxic however).

And since we have a long weekend, a moment to actually sit down and enjoy the garden.

TMTC sanded down the old seat and repaired a broken slat.

It will have a new coat of paint and some new cushions before being placed back in the Yen Garden. 

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