The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

The Big Reveal

It's been many months in creation.  It began as a basic sketch from an idea rattling around in my noggin:

To a 3D model:

A computer aided design was produced thanks to Darryl who works with TMTC:

Complete with detailed measurements. 

Work began with Brandon cutting and drilling the holes for each piece of steel to the specifications,

before he welded each section.

He then built the project in the workshop to ensure everything would fit together perfectly.

The Friday prior to August Bank Holiday, The Man That Can and Darryl transported it home and built it on site.

The impacted ground was dug over...

...adding the compost from the final bin to level it.  The weed membrane was laid and the gravel raked back over the ground. 

The steel was painted in black.

With red highlights.

The Wisteria will drape elegantly around the outer edge.

Finally the old bench was repaired and given a lick of paint in black to tie in with the theme. 

It's been well worth the wait. 


  1. It's absolutely, beautifully perfect, I really enjoyed sitting inside of it.
    Hats off to the boys for bringing your dream to fruition.