The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

The Pond

Last weekend we had glorious weather so what better time to give the pond a bit of a clean before the foliage makes it too difficult to access.

Firstly a quick check no spawn had been laid.

About half of the water was pumped out and reused in the Long Border which runs beside the pond, allowing any critters to return.

The stones and plants were removed and cleaned in a bucket of rain water from the waterbutt, to rid them of blanket weed and detritus.

The pump was removed, taken apart and given a good clean.

There was an awful lot of silt at the bottom of the pond.  A great deal, but not all, was removed and placed in the planting areas at the rear of the pond. This will allow creatures to return to the water and also provide nutrients for the ferns that grow along this area.

The stones and plants were returned to the water, to the joy of this little fella. 

And the levels were increased with collected rain water.

The next day the pump had been returned, after the remaining sediment had settled, and a couple of days later, the water was once more crystal clear.

In the autumn, we need to attend to the plants at the back of the waterfall as they need dividing.  For now however, bring on the blooms!