The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

Green Green Grass of Home....

Ok, so there's not so much colour in the garden, but maybe it's because of the late Spring.
The Peonies, while having dazzled us with their vibrancy, are now fast becoming a victim to the weather. Since our return, it seems to have done nothing but rain. It's cold, damp and miserable, just like the garden. There is a flash here and there with the hardy geraniums, strawberry flowers, and creamy spires of foxgloves, but on the whole, the garden is very green.

There is plenty of new life though. These are beetroot 'bolthardy' and a form of red globe radish who's name evades me at the moment. The radish will need thinning quite soon, and I shall use the leaves in a stir-fry to add a bit of 'zing'. The beetroot leaves are edible too. Young leaves in a salad, larger ones wilted as spinach or chopped up in a quiche. Or the trusty bung it all in soup. Lovely!

I'm going to finish this very short update with a look at how the ferns are coming along. I don't actually know what either of them is called, so if you do, please leave me a message!


  1. The top one is a birds nest fern, I'm not sure about the second one as there are alot of ferns that look very similar.

  2. ooh lovely, thank you Tanya. I have baby ones that I intend on potting up and finding homes for, and it helps to know what they're called x