The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

Hidden Gems

The clearance of the veg plot has allowed some hidden gems to spread out and enjoy the end of Summer sun.


And Godetia, all from a sprinkling of seeds after we'd planted the veg, just to fill in with a splash of colour.

It's funny. With only the exception of  a single evening spent with our friend for her 'Pink Party' celebrating her 60th Birthday last month. I don't ever wear pink. I simply don't like it. But in the garden, I have to have pink flowers....and a quick look around the place reveals an awful lot of pink in all it's various shades, like these hot pink Pelargoniums.

Back in late Spring/early Summer I bought a couple of Sedums. I rather liked the deep purple leaves of this one as it really brings out the acid yellow/green of it's neighbouring Choisya.

The bees love it too!

Last year I was given some small frilly poppy plants for a project. They bloomed their socks off, and once ready, I collected it's seeds. Earlier this year, these seeds, along with a number of other poppy seeds collected on our travels were scattered here and there to do their own thing, and they haven't disappointed me, as you can see from this beauty. The mother of our friends in The Netherlands grows various poppies in a wild patch of her garden, and she very kindly collected some seeds for us and brought them over last month (many thanks). Next years' display promises be a real show-stopper!


  1. Thank you for your very kind comment on my garden and the "wild patch in the garden" - hope you'll come around to have a look at it now ... Love your website. Must take you and the Man Than Can hours and hours to keep it this splendid. My compliments. Love, Anja

  2. Hey Anja!
    Thanks for the message. I think the trick is little and it's not quite as large a garden as yours...which is looking fabulous by the way. I'm keeping up with Henk's Blip. The next time we come over, it may well be covered in snow!
    Warm Regards x