The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

If you don't ask...

...You don't get.

We have had a glorious few days weather-wise, high temperatures and lots of sunshine which has brought the plants on a treat.  Wherever possible we prefer to use collected rain water in the garden, which meant we were soon facing 3 empty waterbutts and contemplating using pond water to sustain at least our acid loving plants which prefer not to have tap water as it contains lime.

After an agonising couple of days that saw almost everywhere else but our part of South Yorkshire face heavy rain, the heavens finally opened for us late Friday afternoon.  And boy did it rain!  The waterbutts were full in less time than it took me to drive home from work.  The pond was overflowing a wee bit and there was a very welcome freshness to the air.

At lunchtime on Saturday, TMTC and I took a walk around the garden, pulling a weed here, tying in a clematis there and nipping off any flowers that were spent to promote further blooms.

In the Yen we had to change the water in the pool, remove the snail eggs from beneath the water lily leaves and rehome the two ramshorn snails in the main pond.

The rain moved in again to replenish what we had used today from the waterbutts.  We might have to think of adding another.

The first rose petals are unfurling on r. Special Anniversary despite the rain and I can tell you it smells heavenly!

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