The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

More rain

As June draws to a close, I can honestly say it has been one of the wettest in my adult memory; I'd even stick my neck out and state as much as 2007 when floods affected many parts of our city.  I shall watch the forecast to see just how close I am to that statement when the official figures are reported.

Staying with the watery theme, we bought some extra plants for the pond...

...and the pool.

We also added a red grass and almost hidden behind the pool is a sedum purple emperor.

At the bottom of the garden we've erected a trio of tin planters. Not sure what to display here at the moment.

Bumblebee's pot is spilling over with violas, nemesia and petunias in a lovely display.

The hanging basket is coming into its own now.

I'm really pleased with the mangers beneath the kitchen window. The Calbrachoa are such a wonderful blend of strong, long lasting flowers. The yellow petunias look a little disappointing in comparison.  What a shame the former doesn't have the latter's perfume!

The mangers below the shed window have filled out and the bright pink New Guinea impatiens are flowering well.

Above, the c. almond blossom has really responded to its new spot behind the daylilies.

Below, the first bloom of what looks like many over the Folly arch belongs to c. Royal Velours (I believe).

R. Mum in a Million in the pink garden has a really strong scent.  I do hope to be able to sit in the garden to enjoy it before the rain destroys the flowers.

A deep purple clematis, could be Rasputin perhaps.

We managed an hour in the garden on Sunday before the rain returned.  The hardy geraniums had a drastic haircut, as did the rosemary and the older foliage of Bumblebee's rhubarb.

The green leafed acer wasn't happy down here in the Yen so we replaced it with a smoke bush with similar tones to the other acer nearby that we repotted.

The lifted acer was potted up temporarily and popped into a space behind the pond where it will be more sheltered.  Once we get a dry moment over the next couple of weekends, we'll plant it here.

The plan ahead is to trim the rain bashed hardy geraniums in the front garden, along with the foxgloves before they distribute their seeds as I want them for the pink garden next year.

If the rain gives us the opportunity! 


  1. You may have had a lot of rain, as have we, but as always your garden is beautiful xx