The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

It's all about the colour

11c, northerly wind, rain.  Must be the first day of the Great British Summer!

The wall mangers are settling in and beginning to flower.

A beautiful white aquilegia amid a mound of white aubretia beside the pond.

The first bloom on the gifted rhododendron. I've noted tiny buds appearing lower down after we'd given the plant a hard prune to a number of its branches. This means I can safely repeat this to the remainder of the plant as a rejuvenation.

And finally. I've discovered the neighbour's large tree shedding flowers all over the Yen Garden is an aphid infested lime tree.  I discovered this while sitting quietly watching the sparrows and dunnocks pick over the dropped flowers. This little dunnock was quite happy to drink from the pool while I sat flicking greenfly.

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