The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

Easter...more than chocolate eggs.

But neither do we fancy spending our time sitting in traffic eager to be anywhere other than home.

Most of our spring to-do list has now been achieved.  The decorating inside was ticked off on Maundy Thursday.  Good Friday we visited a garden centre but much of the day was wet.  Easter Saturday, we spent the morning in the garden.  

Spreading out a tarpaulin, I lifted the grasses while The Man That Can split them.  We moved the lavenders (which thankfully had not yet spread their roots since we only heeled them in last month) in the beds either side of the patio arch and replanted the grasses.

The new Weigela Wings of Fire was lifted to make room for the new magnolia George Henry Kern and then replanted in front of it.

 The plan is to more or less mirror the beds.  The right hand side however will be more shaded with the addition of the magnolia, and the left side has a sedum, but otherwise they have pretty much the same or similar plants in each side with similar colours in any flowers.

In the plan, the green highlighted plants were the ones to be moved and/or split, marking their planting spaces.  In yellow are the plants yet to purchase which includes white tulips and two varieties of hardy geraniums.   

Other tasks completed today were emptying some containers.  One had a very congested clump of of iris that I had never seen in flower.  It's something that should have been done long before today ideally.  I dug them out, pulled the long tubers apart, cut the leaves in half and replanted in the terrace border. They probably won't do very much this year but I haven't lost anything as these were among the containers we were given by TMTC's cousin.

And finally today, we repotted the two Skimmias into the above mentioned and now empty container in ericaceous compost with a tidy layer of bark to finish it off.

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