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Spring Plant Sale

Since moving up to South Yorkshire 10 years ago (give or take a week), we've rarely missed a plant sale at the Botanical Gardens and today was the first of the year.

We were in and out with no dilly-dallying as I knew exactly what I wanted, just two bright pink hardy geraniums to finish the borders either side of the patio arch. 

There were just two on the benches, a variety named Patricia which will have magenta flowers with a darker centre. I'm sure they are the same as the unnamed version I already have that has followed me to each of my gardens.  I had split my own last year for the pink garden. 

Hardy geraniums are such great 'bung em in' plants that flower from spring - late autumn. The bees love them and so do I!

Of course there are more than just the two geraniums. Who goes to a plant sale and buys just two plants??  There's a pot of Sanguinaria canadensis 'Flore Pleno' that caught Bumblebee's eye, which has been planted beneath the new Syringa 'Sensation'.  Three Dierama Igneum (Angel's Fishing Rods) have also been acquired and planted in the bed between the work space and the Yen Garden.  These were apparently from stock grown up here so should cope ok with our winters.  We'll see.

It's another Bank Holiday weekend - enjoy!

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  1. Ooooo Angels Fishing Rods, they are exactly what I want in our new garden. Enjoy your new plants