The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.


Sometimes a wee surprise occurs in the garden.  Usually these have been passed through a visiting bird, and more often than not are weeds.

Three small white flowers have popped up among the leaves of the now spent snowdrops.  I can only assume these wood anemones had hitched a ride in the pots.

Other happy accidents moments include...

A vibrant tulip thrusting through a pot of violets picking up the orange and yellow streaked wallflowers behind.

A late blooming double flowered daffodil (perhaps Irene Copeland - one of the pots going cheap we planted last month).

Both peonies have flower buds forming.  The one above was transplanted from the railwaymen's cottage garden last month, and I really thought it would sulk!

And there are flower buds forming on one of the terrace roses (r. Special Anniversary).

The loud pop of colour belongs to a pink azalea, with a saxifrage providing deeper pink punctuations through a mat of green.

Clematis Nelly Moser reaches along its wires to create a fan shape of foliage on the terrace. 

The cornus behind the birdbath finally received its prune, while the unlabelled shrub comes into leaf behind it.  We might discover what it is this year!

After a nervous prune, the staghorn tree has responded very well with heaps of tiny red buds sprouting along the limbs.  These are speedily forming into what we hope will become strong branches to create a more balanced shaped tree.

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