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Terrific Tulips

 2017 has been a good year for tulips here.  I think the cooler drier spring has encouraged the flowers to last just that little bit longer.  As I write this entry the first tulips are beginning to drop their petals but there are yet more to open on other varieties.  I'll let the photos tell their own story. 

These final tulips are very dwarf, only 4" tall and still opening at time of this entry.

There are only one or two 'Tilburg' tulips that have flowered from previous plantings. There had been many more that simply didn't survive.  The bold clumps were of last Autumn's planting, and again most were from our friends in The Netherlands. Therefore I will in future replace the bulbs each year for a better display. 


  1. They are all stunning, what fabulous colours xx

  2. Thank you - our friends in NL should take most of the credit xx