The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

A Quick Glance

It's such a joy to finally see ones ideas and hard work (mostly TMTC's hard work) come to fruition, especially when you add in a dash of risk. For instance this fuchsia which was moved from the patio bed beside the washing line support because it was a bit of a monster. It seems quite happy in its new spot in the shade of the sorbus tree beside the variegated weigela.  It will flower late summer, allowing the weigela to shine now.

The yellow scented honeysuckle is responding well to its hard prune last month with some great looking flower buds.

Clematis Montana showing off its first year's blooms. Not quite as impressive as our friends in NL, but it's a start. We're creating a framework first, outstanding display later!

So far successfully keeping the 4 inherited clematis separate, gently winding and coaxing to clothe the trellis panels in preparation for the beautiful flowers later in the year.

But this one is a bit of a different challenge however. It grows so fast you could almost see it! We're trying desperately to train it along wires to the left since it has outgrown it's space!

If I remember rightly, it has blue bell shaped flowers.

Now we wait.