The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

New ingredients

What I lack in culinary skills I think I make up for in the garden and in my opinion certainly look better once I've cleared away the debris!

A pink and creamy yellow Aquilegia for the pink garden, with a Peony 'bowl of beauty' which has similar colours.

A bargain box! Various ground cover plants and a Papaver 'pattys plum' for the Yen.

Various pink bedding

Ingredients for my hanging baskets.

Further flower buds of r. Maigold with the first clematis to bloom. Its either Warsaw Nike or Niobe.

A juicy bud on the 'hidden' rhododendron

And vibrant osteospermum.

This is the view from our lounge room window.  The beds here are very lush thanks to all the rain we've had recently. I like these pink Aquilegias, they work well with the heucheras at their feet.

The pond is behaving now!

It's a Bank Holiday weekend again. The forecast reveals Saturday to be our best planting day. Sunday the best for enjoying time spent with friends...Bank Holiday Monday however isnt looking too good since a large weather system seems to have our name on it....if we escape it then we shall enjoy being in the garden we've worked so hard to create.


  1. You've certainly spent your day off productively lol you are so naughty when let loose on your own. 😂😂😂😂😉
    Love all the plants you've bought and I hope tmtc enjoys planting them all.

  2. I see all of your garden treasures there. You've been shopping! I've been doing the same for sure. Just found out that the Master Gardeners are holding a meeting in my garden. Stress!

    1. oooh rather you than me Robin - good luck!