The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

Sunshine, showers and TV

It's taken a few attempts to take my photos this morning, dodging heavy showers and using my time very wisely by watching Monty Don during the wettest periods.

As I type I am now watching Jim from Beechgrove Gardens melting in the tomato house whilst explaining in his beautiful Scottish accent various gadgets to assist growing his toms. I rather like the trials they run on this show.

Around our own patch of the UK, Aquilegias are coming to their peak.  I think we might have a few clumps too many in the front garden that are displaying either the same colours or a wishy washy hue, so we've been ruthless and yanked out a few. I think maybe we need to inject a few of the newer colours for next year - some of the shorter varieties even.

Among the better colours:

As you can see the paler colours are becoming a little non-descript. I think some brighter colour variations are needed.  If I had the time and inclination I could have a go at breeding myself. Maybe when I retire.

Monty tells me that irises like their rhizomes baked in the summer. These along with some others in the back garden haven't flowered since we've owned them (they came from TMTC's cousin who moved into his first home but didn't want the plants in his garden) so in the autumn we'll replant them in the garden in gravelly soil with their rhizomes in the sunshine.

New foliage on the Stag Horn.

I do like a bed that is chocka block like above with acer, philadelphus, hardy Geranium coming into flower with bergenia and aubretia at their feet. Tulips are still in bloom providing punctuation marks. Usually these would have finished.

In contrast the other side of the path still has room for more plants. They need to be relatively low growing on this side to create an interesting view from the lounge room window.

Rosa Tall Story with another hardy Geranium.

Jeff revisited. The new tree outside our garden appears to be yet another sorbus.  The birds will be happy in the autumn.

In the back garden

Our own sorbus. It's has a rather acquired scent that this year is quite overpowering. We can't sit beneath this tree at this time of year because it drips a sticky substance. I think it might be from aphids.

Fat flower buds versus leaf buds on the gifted rhododendron in the Yen Garden. 

And a glimpse of my seldom photographed work area complete with 3 compost bins, brazier and the lovely singer sewing machine base work table topped with slate.

The pool has cleared now and the plants look happy. Eventually I'm hoping not to be able to see the plant pots.

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