The vaguely green-fingered thoughts of a rambling rose.

Something is stirring

The bare root shrubs we planted recently are bursting with life (thankfully). I was a little wary because I'd never bought through Groupon before, but I went halves with my mother-in-law who had. On arrival all the 'sticks' were put in a bucket of water and as soon as possible they were planted. 

Deutzia scabra

Cornus alba

Hibiscus syriacus with a hardy Geranium at its feet, and in the top of the picture are tiny green shoots of symphoricarpus albus.

Spirea Douglasii which I was convinced was dead just 3 days ago!

And this wee fella had no name tag so it has a temporary home until I can ID it.

Oh yes and the weigela looks lost in the front garden. This is where the huge broken terracotta pot had been, containing a dark red acer which I think might be 'garnet' and now lives in a new pot in the Yen Garden.  To the right of the weigela is a young clematis climbing the wires on the fence.

Around the pond the plants a beginning to knit together. This hosta has lovely thick blue-green leaves.

The new Wisteria looks like it's happy with its location. I would be surprised if it flowers this year, but it would be a very welcome surprise!

'Borrowed' acer drapes elegantly over the fence from our neighbour's garden.

Our very first Aquilegia flower! There are a great many clumps this year and many are very large clumps, all budding up. I think these are such great filler plants and the best thing is they produce a huge amount of seeds, which in turn will produce many variations in colour the next year.  I tend to save the seeds of a variety I rather like and scatter the seeds in the autumn close to the parent plant to see what appears!

Almost all the daffodils have gone over now, although there are a few clumps I planted in the back garden a wee bit late as they were a birthday gift from 'the Toad' in November that appear to be thinking about flowering!  But I'll leave you with some Tulips from Tilburg.

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